Comic Blasphemy Creators Unrepentant, Seek New Publisher

Comic collaborators Mark Russell and Richard Pace are unrepentant after offending at least a quarter million petition-signing Christians with their blasphemous portrayal of the Lord Jesus Christ. "We're looking forward to announcing the new home for Sun-Man, Jesus and their family soon," Pace said.

SyFy – In a rare move, DC Comics (specifically its Vertigo imprint) decided not to go forward with Second Coming, a comic series centered on Jesus Christ. Prior to its cancellation, the title faced controversy for its somewhat farcical take on Christianity.

Written by Mark Russell and drawn by Richard Pace, the story finds Jesus sent on a mission from his father, God, to find out what it means to be a true messiah. While the home of Batman and Kal-El won’t be publishing the run, the rights were returned to its two creators, who are currently looking for a new publisher.

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