Conservative Christians Call on God’s Intervention Over Kavanaugh

The call to prayer for the Kavanaugh family and Judicial confirmation was a popular meme on social media. (Twitter photo)

Responding to conflict over the Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmation battle, conservative Christians and patriots across America gathered to their churches Thursday for prayer.

Leaders endorsing the call to prayer included Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy; George Rasley, editor of Conservative HQ blog and our own Martin Mawyer.

Gaffney said that a national day of prayer for a good man to become the next associate justice is highly called for.

Judge Kavanaugh is an exemplary all-American who has for decades honorably and faithfully served his community, country and God,” Gaffney said.

Those who have tried to destroy his reputation and nomination have been exposed as unfair, dishonest, and obsessed with power at any cost.”

Rasley said, “Throughout the ordeal of his confirmation millions of Americans have been praying for Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his family.

On Tuesday we suggested that Americans make today (Thursday) a special national day of prayer for the Judge and his family,” he added. “The response, particularly on social media, has been very encouraging.”

Blog sites such as Breaking Christian News and Charisma News jumped in as did untold numbers through Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

Mawyer said that he has never seen a confirmation battle like what Kavanaugh has gone through.

This is unprecedented,” Mawyer said. “I just can’t believe it. And what his family, his little girls, have had to endure from all this, they definitely need our prayers today and every day.”

The Kavanaugh confirmation battle has been called one of the most contentious ever and noted as the third longest in history so far. (CBS News photo)

At one rural Virginia church, the prayer warriors there put all the anxiety and doubt before God’s thrown as praying endured into the night-time hours.

They said the Kavanaugh family asked specifically that Psalm 40 would be prayed over them, so they prayed verse by verse starting with “I waited patiently for the Lord; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry.”

The small congregation asked for God’s strengthening for all God’s people, the Kavanaugh family and for national healing and unity. Afterward, they sensed God was in control.

I don’t know of anything else we can do but pray,” Dale Phillips said. “God is the only one who can truly change the hearts of men.”

After a bit of levity that some others in the fellowship suggested, she agreed, “I should say prayer is the best thing we can do, the first thing.”

It’s a good illustration of where we are in America today regarding truth verses untruth

Gabriel Holiday said that he was glad to be a part of a fellowship that looks to prayer for every need, care and opportunity.

We have the opportunity to gather together and pray whether it’s a political crisis or anything else,” Holiday said.

And about the Kavanaugh controversy, he said, “It’s a good illustration of where we are in America today regarding truth verses untruth.

We need to throw away the banners and seek the truth,” he added. “We need to seek those who are seeking the truth and to uphold the truth.”

Gaffney concluded that the unprecedented level of conflict in this confirmation battle has him shaken, seeing even senators and their staff at risk of physical attack on Capitol Hill.

“So, today let us pray for Judge Kavanaugh to become one of our best Supreme Court jurists ever; pray – as his daughter has done – for those who have accused him; and pray for the healing and unity of our nation,” Gaffney said.


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