Conservative event in Portland targeted by Antifa extremists


Portland, Ore. has added to its troubling history of far-left violence, threats and attempts to shut down free speech and assembly.

Earlier this week a forum hosted by the Melody Centre in Portland was targeted by the Antifa extremists. Organized by the WalkAway Campaign, which seeks to tempt Democrats into leaving their increasingly unhinged party, the event featured activist Brandon Straka, documentarian Dinesh D’Souza, radio host Lars Larson and journalist Andy Ngo.

Antifa had been trying to harass the venue into backing off from the event, but failed to shut it down.

Before the event began a group of 20 Antifa members gathered outside, trying to intimidate speakers and attendees. They then encircled the event and tried taking photographs of attendees.

As they were surrounding the venue, the Antifa members chanted slogans such as “I f****d God, now he’s gay,” and “all cops are bastards.” Despite heavy police presence and threats of violence, Portland’s police force largely remained in the background in light clothing, rather than the heavy riot gear they have worn at previous Antifa demonstrations.  

The Antifa members did not manage to disrupt the event. Nevertheless, the group still attempted to make as much noise as possible by sounding horns and creating general tumult. Their noise failed to penetrate the building’s walls, however, and only irritated those in the surrounding neighborhood.

Over the past few days, Antifa and other hard-left organizations had attempted to cancel the event. Mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone also called for the event to be shut down, posting on Twitter: “There should be no safe haven for people affiliated with domestic terrorists and nationalist extremists.” The tweet was later criticized for inciting violence.


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