Convicted drag queen prostitute reads to elementary kids

Blackshear Fine Arts Academy, located in Austin, allowed local drag queen David Lee Richardson (pictured in hat at left) to participate in “Pride Week Story Time” despite a past conviction for male prostitution and concerns from a conservative group he is still engaged in sex work.

Austin, Texas, already known as a liberal mecca, is living up to its reputation by allowing a drag queen outed recently for a prostitution conviction to read to children at an elementary school.

Blackshear Fine Arts Academy invited in local drag queen David Lee Richardson for “Pride Week Story Time” despite his conviction for male prostitution and concerns from a conservative group he is still performs sex work.

Richardson, who goes by the scatological nickname of “Miss Kitty Litter” read to children at an Austin public library and at a public library in Leander, an Austin suburb, earlier this year. The director of that library was recently dismissed from her post by the city contractor who runs the library.

David Walls of conservative group Texas Values told OneNewsNow that Austin parents have no reason to trust a school district that invites a “sex criminal” into a school.

Austin made headlines in August when a homosexual city councilman complained that conservative groups were spreading “misinformation” about the drag queen story hours, which attempt to “normalize” cross-dressing, homosexuality and transgenderism by forcing them upon young children in a school-like setting.

Walls also told OneNewsNow that Austin’s school leaders are already warring with parents and community leaders over graphic sex-education lessons on the “best way” to have anal sex and how to get an abortion without parental permission.

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