Criminals, Strippers, Among Drag Queen Story Hour Performers

Domestic assault offenders, strippers, drug abusers and night-club performers are among the drag queens who entertain children age 2-8 at libraries across America through the Drag Queen Story Hour movement. (AP photo)

Delving into actual performers for Drag Queen Story Hour reveals criminal offenders, drug abusers, sex solicitors and strippers are among them, according to Tracy Shannon, researcher with Mass Resistance.

Shannon is delving into Story Hour performers of the Houston-area and several other cities where DQSH events have repeatedly taken place near major metropolitan areas where performers are likely to be local.

Mass Resistance revealed and named two of the Houston-area criminal offenders who surfaced through Shannon’s work recently because the felonies involved sexual crimes against children.

This led to the story hour events being suspended in the Houston area.

From her further research, Shannon noted, “Houston is an example typical for the nation. The situation with other cities where these events are taking place is very similar to what we’re dealing with here in Houston.”

Tracy Shannon found child sex offender histories of Drag performers Albert Alfonso Garza (photos above) and William Travis Dees, resulting in the shelving of Drag Queen Story Hour in the Houston area for the present time. (Daily Mail photo)

Shannon added that the research deepened her understanding of the dark cultural corruption that these performers are often living in: domestic assaults, drug offences, sex solicitation, sexually themed stage performances (stripping).

“I have been looking at several cities, finding numerous criminal matters, but no new pedophile offenders so far,” Shannon said. “Domestic violence, drugs, not really shocking anymore as it is obviously common in the drag community.”

The assault against childhood innocence drives Shannon on in her research work. She said that exposing children to troubled, often criminal and sometimes sex-offender homosexual men is abominable.

Her heart went out to the children being exposed to these men: these often troubled, mostly homosexual men dressed in clownish drag costuming and exaggerated cosmetic effects.

“We’re dealing with homosexual men openly expressing their aggressive sexual identities and flamboyantly displayed gender fluidity in front of children,” Shannon said.

“Children are not gender fluid like that. Children at a very young age are impressionable, they don’t have a sense of gender consistency because they don’t have any firm sense of any consistency, except for what a stable home can give them.”

Children are entitled to their own innocence

Tracy Shannon of Mass Resistance

Shannon noted that they do have natural defense mechanisms, seen sometimes in comical ways like when visiting a mall Santa and they misunderstand and want to run away from the red-robed bearded old guy and the “Ho, ho-ho!” thing.

Shannon said she sees children at these events often cowering, doubting or even rejecting what they are being exposed to, for instance it tore her heart out to see one skittish boy cussed at and pushed closer to a drag queen to meet that strange aberration of adulthood.

This time, a manly beast dressed like an ashen-white woman with numerous horns growing out of the top of its head.

Sometimes a child’s instincts are spot-on. Where were the adult mother’s instincts?

“They don’t understand that you can’t just switch, and that isn’t a reference just to changing sex, but how about changing into a cat, unicorn or anything else?” Shannon said. “Children are constantly reality testing.”

That is why she sees them as being led astray, and she contends that it is a form of abuse to expose children to a Drag Queen Story Hour.

“Children are entitled to their own innocence,” she concluded.


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