Crucified McDonnald, Blaspheme of Jesus or Tyranny Exposed?

Anti Jesus, or anti crucifixion? The protested "McJesus" is a crucified Ronald McDonald, on display as part of the Haifa museum’s “Sacred Goods” exhibit. But Rome applied crucifixion to more than 39,000. What would Rome do to a dolled-up Ronald McDonnald? It does not show scourging or a crown of thorns. Also: Islamic Sharia authorizes crucifixion, applying the punishment to unknown thousands today. (Haifa Museum photo)

The Times of Israel – Hundreds of Arab Christian demonstrators clashed with police in Haifa on Friday over a museum’s display of a sculpture depicting Ronald McDonald, the mascot of the fast-food giant, on a cross, amid calls to remove the artwork that some have called offensive.

Police said a few hundred protesters tried to force their way into the Haifa Museum of Art during the demonstration and that three officers were injured by rocks hurled at them.

An investigation was opened to identify the rock-throwers, and a 32-year-old resident of the city was arrested on suspicion of attacking officers.

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