Democrat Stakes Party Line: Killing Pre-Born Fights Crime

Alabama House member John Rogers spoke what partisan pro-abortion leaders believe, that abortions are a form of crime fighting, to kill unwanted children cheaply now before they become serious criminals needing to the put to death through the criminal justice system later. (Newsweek photo)

Alabama House member John Rogers (D-52) indicated that abortions should be seen as a means of crime fighting, to execute future criminals now while it’s cheaper to do so.

His arguments against the Alabama Human Life Protection Act set off a national response as the chilling effect of his reasoning resonated as precisely what the pro-abortion side truly does believe.

By the way, the Alabama House of representatives voted 74-3 Tuesday to pass the ban against abortions for choice or convenience or any reason other than to avert a mother’s death or serious impairment.

Republican state Rep. Terri Collins argued that the bill reflects the conservative, pro-life principles of the people of Alabama and their desire to see an end to the sad and horrific era of Roe-v-Wade.

Terri Collins said that the new Alabama law, if passed by the state senate, will reflect Alabama’s pro-life values and provide for the overturning of Roe-v-Wade. (Terri Collins Campaign photo)

But Rogers said, “Some kids are unwanted, so you kill ’em now or kill ’em later. You bring ’em in the world unwanted, unloved, then send them to the electric chair. So you kill ’em now or kill ’em later.”

His comments came amidst the context of facts: there were 25 executions in America in 2018, and nearly 1,500 since 1976, but the National Right to Live Committee estimates there were more than 900,000 abortions in 2018 alone.

The stark nature of Rogers’ and the pro-abortion side does not escape the attention of national commentator Todd Starnes.

“New York Democrats cheered for joy when it became legal to slaughter babies in the birth canal,” Starnes said. “Virginia Democrats plotted to legalize killing newborn babies. But even that pales in comparison to the monstrous abortion beliefs of Rogers.”

Rogers not only needs to apologize, he needs to repent,

Todd Starnes

Some kids are unwanted? Kill them now or kill them later? Bringing unwanted children into the world is the crime? Starnes was having none of that.

“The good people of Alabama are overwhelmingly pro-life and I have to imagine they are sickened by the vulgar hate spewing from Rogers’ mouth,” he said. “Sen. Doug Jones, also a Democrat, has yet to condemn or distance himself from his political colleague.”

Starnes said that U.S. Senator Doug Jones loves abortions and wants more of them, so he is incapable of standing up to such virulent malice against in-utero people expressed by Rogers.

He added that Alabama deserves to be represented by a U.S. senator who is 100-percent pro life.

As for Rogers, “Rep. Rogers not only needs to apologize, he needs to repent,” Starnes said.


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