Dems are drowning in their own ‘basket of hate’

In September 2016, Hillary Clinton accused Trump supporters of being a "basket of deplorables" REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Jerry Skirvin – Opinion

Deranged democrats have for three years now done absolutely nothing for the American people except to harass, criticize and try to stop and even remove our legally and constitutionally elected president. They are drowning in their own ‘basket of hate.’

They tried the Russian HOAX… and when that failed, they are now focused on the Impeachment HOAX… though that doesn’t seem to be going exactly as they want.

But make NO mistake:  they ultimately blame YOU and me and millions of Americans like us for voting this man into office.

They just knew they had the election in the bag.  They had fixed the nomination for their candidate… they had cheated in the debates… they had taken foreign contributions… they committed the usual democrat voter fraud in numerous states… they promoted millions of illegal voters to cast ballots… they had Hollywood elitists behind her… they had their Antifa a KKK violence group intimidating conservatives… Obama has his entrenched, government “Deep State” bureaucrats in his IRS, DOJ, CIA, NSA illegally spying on citizens and creating false crimes against candidate Trump… all the lying fake news media polls said so…

                                  … but then came election day… and YOU. 

And they and the world were SHOCKED to say the least. How could you be so stupid… so dumb… so bigoted… so racist…?

They cannot understand why Americans would vote for a man who speaks the truth about unchecked illegal immigration… about the sanctity of life… about our First Amendment religious freedom… Second Amendment right to bear arms… about supporting traditional God-ordained marriage… about the need for a strong defense and taking care of our veterans… about getting us out of regional Middle East conflicts… but who supports Israel and secures God’s blessing on this nation… who opposes the HOAX of liberal “climate change”…who stands against globalism… and make it very clear that we ought to take care of our own citizens first.

And his America First policies were supported by millions on election day 2016.

And because of it these liberal elitists call you deplorables… far-right wackos… bitter clingers to your Bible, guns and flag… dregs of society… racist… white supremacist… bigots…misogynists… 

As Crooked Hillary so famously demanded of Donald Trump in 2016… Democrats have not accepted the results of the 2016 election.

They HATE Trump… but they may HATE you even more. And they will not stop in their unconstitutional efforts to cripple the man YOU elected and remove him from office. 

The bottom line is: If deranged democrats led by Barack Hussein Obama, Crooked Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck “The Schmuck” Schumer,  and their lying fake news media are against Trump and YOU… then you know that you are on the right track.    

Carry on… deplorables!

(FOX News, Steve Hilton, The Courier Journal)


  1. You and this site sound like a hate group, you’re not a True Christian nor a patriot. Supporting Trump makes you a traitor, you’re lucky Jesus isn’t here. I feel sorry for you…

    • Lot’s of rambling accusations, but no substance. What is a “hate group” to you? What is a “True Christian?” How does supporting Trump make someone a “traitor?” What exactly would Jesus do if He were here? Please explain the sorrow you are feeling.

      • The only sorrow I’m feeling is knowing that America has people like you in it and that there are so many gullible people out there that might believe your BS. Regarding Jesus, do you actually think that he would condone your actions….or Trump’s?? I think you already know the answers to your questions, and again, you are incredibly delusional to ever think you are a Christian. In the end, you’re just an extreme right-wing religious nutjob with too much hate in side you, not any different than others like you. I’d be surprised if you were not a racist bigot no different than Trump. Perhaps you have a medical issue and should get screened for “windmill cancer”, it seems to only affect Trump supporters. Beware of that “wall” surrounding Colorado that your idiot President talked about….


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