Disney Boots Marine Veteran Trump Supporter Out For Sign Display

Dion Cini put Disney to the test: would a Trump sign held on a ride that could not have been an event, ad or incitement to others, and on which many such antics have and continue to be done, result in a response from Disney? "They just kicked me out ’cause of the context of the sign," he said. (Facebook photo)

Daily Mail – A formerly active-duty Marine has been banned from Walt Disney World theme parks because he rode the Splash Mountain roller coaster while holding a ‘Trump 2020 sign.’ Dion Cini, an annual pass holder, posted a photo on his Facebook page last Wednesday showing him on the ride with the sign.

He attached a yellow ‘Trespassed’ note that he received from the theme park banning him from their properties. ‘Trespassed from all of Walt Disney World properties to include, but not limited to, Theme Parks, Water Parks, Resorts and Disney Springs,’ the order from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office says.

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