Disney caves to LGBT and promises MORE gay content, but employees still stage walk-out

Walt Disney walkout/ Facebook

The Walt Disney Company has a bit of a problem.

A big problem, in fact.

Its gay and gay-defending employees are staging a mutiny, in which their moral tastes threaten to drive the future of the entertainment giant. Artists and animators and idea people now have their hands on the company’s levers of power, and they seem to be enjoying it.

Disney employees walked out of the company’s Burbank, Calif. headquarters on March 22 to protest their CEO’s slow response to Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, reports DailyMail.com, as if CEO Bob Chapek were capable of undoing the will of both Florida voters and the state’s legislature.

The bill in question, now law, seeks to ensure that children from kindergarten to third grade are not taught homosexual and transgenderism in Florida schools by their teachers. The furor it has stirred among homosexuals, liberals, and Democrats is epic in scale, as these groups now realize they are in the position of defending pedophilic grooming.

In a town-hall-style meeting with employees on March 21, Chapek found himself in a similar position: having to swear that Disney, once wholesome and family-oriented, would be putting together a task force to push more LGBTQ-awareness content … to little children.

On March 18 it was reported that Disney is putting a lesbian kiss back into its upcoming Toy Story spinoff, called Lightyear after Pixar employees revolted and threatened to tar the company as “anti-gay.”

On March 22 dozens of employees marched outside of Disney’s headquarters in Burbank chanting, “Say Gay!” as part of a full day of walkouts across the company’s theme parks and offices.

As we stated: Disney has a big, big problem as it ponders how to peddle perversity, vice, man-love, promiscuity, and fornication without turning the stomachs of its millions of viewers and their billions of dollars.


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