The uneasy ‘pros’ of Disney’s relationship with China

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Martin Mawyer, President

Disney is in the news these days and for all the wrong reasons. I’m sure even they would agree.

After first remaining silent about Florida’s new law that would prevent public schools from “gay grooming” k-3 kids, the company’s CEO, Bob Chapek, was forced by the LGBT movement to make a statement in opposition to the new law.

For an assortment of reasons, Disney has been a sore spot for the pro-family movement, too many to detail here.

But one ongoing reason (besides its lovefest with the LGBT movement) has been its relationship with communist China.

When considering that unsavory bond, perhaps we should think about this:

Without Hollywood’s money-lust for despot countries, there would be a lot more gay scenes and ‘girly men’ depictions (thanks Arnold) in television shows and movie scripts.

Pixar employees yesterday sent out a letter complaining that their parent company, Disney, has been putting the scissors to their “overt” animated gay relationship scenes, lest they offend Saudi Arabia, Russia, Kuwait, Oman, and others.

Earlier this month, China announced it is banning gay scenes from American television shows, which will certainly curtail the major TV studios from even producing those scenes.

China is also cracking down on video games that show same-sex relationships, including those that make men look effeminate.

And China is not just cracking down on video games:

“China has also cracked down on TV, banning ‘effeminate’ or ‘sissy’ men and instructing broadcasters to promote ‘excellent Chinese traditional culture’ instead,” reports Forbes.

And who can forget the uproar a few years back when China cut gay scenes from the Oscar-winning film, Bohemian Rhapsody.

These despot countries impact what Hollywood produces, as money-grubbing Hollywood is reluctant to offend them.

Without China (and other despot markets), who knows the length of the sordid, anti-family crap Hollywood would be putting out.

Should this matter to us?

Absolutely not when weighed against their human rights abuses.

But don’t expect me to cry every time some moaning homosexual actor, artist, animator, producer, or writer (yes, Pixar, I’m talking about you) whines about their sodomy scene or girly-man performance are cut by a despot censor, Disney or not made at all.

The true tragedy here is that oppressive countries are doing a better job putting their feet down in defense of sexual and gender normalcy than the average American church. How shameful is that? 

Think about it.



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