Americans should know that the ultimate goal of Biden and the DOJ is to start a Civil War

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A little over a week ago, I asked a close personal friend and political adviser of President Donald Trump what he thought about the Aug. 8 FBI raid on the former president’s Mar-a-Lago home.

I’ve known George Lombardi, president of The North Atlantic League, for over a decade, having met him for the first time in Rome, Italy, where he assisted me in filming a documentary about the rise of radical Islam in Europe.

He is a straight shooter known for his infectious laugh, wide-open smile and no-nonsense approach to politics. To know what he thinks you only need to ask. There’s no need to prod, goad, or nudge.

Even if you disagree with something, your disagreement will be met with a disarming smile.

There wasn’t much smiling going on when I interviewed him for our Shout Out Patriots podcast, however, as he gave his opinion about the FBI raid on President Trump’s home.

“It was a big circus,” he said, without his usual smile.

Mr. Lombardi, a longtime member of Mar-a-Lago, pointed out something I had not seen or read in any media coverage of the raid.

Mar-a-Lago had been closed since the beginning of June, even to its members, which makes it even more stunning that the FBI arrived with over 30 armed agents to storm its grounds.

“There might have been two or three people cutting the grass at Mar-a-Lago during the raid. There might have been two or three people cleaning up inside, but other than that, the club was completely empty,” Lombardi said.

“The FBI knew very well who was in there and that they were totally harmless.”

Though we can be angry about this reckless, NEEDLESS display of government power, we can’t be shocked.

We’ve Seen it Before: FBI Shock and Awe

Anyone who saw the January 2019 FBI raid on the home of Roger Stone, an elderly conservative political consultant, knows the Bureau is not shy about making harmless homeowners appear as if they’re having a breakfast meeting with Mexican drug lords.

“They came gun blazing and all that, just for the show,” Mr. Lombardi said of the raid on Trump’s Palm Beach, Fla. home.

“The FBI thinks they are going to deter or maybe frighten some members of Congress, or some other people that are supporting Trump into believing, ‘If they do this to him, maybe they’ll do it also to me.’

“It’s an intimidation tactic, just like they did to Roger Stone.”

Intimidation tactic? Perhaps.

I think the DOJ has a more sinister goal.

The Biden administration wants to start a civil war. You can smell their motives every time they try to whip up hatred and fear of Trump supporters, such as calling them radicals, extremists and white supremacists.

In June 2021, slightly over a year ago, the Department of Justice released a 32-page report called the National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism. In this document the department predicted an armed conflict against the United States government would likely occur in 2021.

Of course their wishes did not come true, and after that document was released, I immediately published an article that warned Americans that the DOJ was setting the stage for unprecedented violence.

Here’s how I opened that story:

When the current corrupt and highly suspect U.S. government comes to take away your rights, and possibly put you in restraints, the Biden administration will now be able to say, “I told you so. You were given a full warning.”

They will be correct. They did give you a full warning, even if it wasn’t exactly “fair warning.”

DOJ Predicts ‘Government Overreach’ Will Prompt Civil War

Few people have ever read that DOJ report. Who could blame them? It was long, dry, wordy, boring, and purposely obtuse. They didn’t want people to read OR understand it.

But here is a crucial paragraph, which appears on page 11:

“The Intelligence Community assesses that several factors could increase the likelihood or lethality of Domestic Violent Extremists attacks in 2021 and beyond…[over] growing perceptions of government overreach … ”

Let’s review.

What would likely happen? A violent extremist attack. When? Sometime in 2021 or beyond. Why? Because of perceptions of government overreach.

The Department of Justice must have been deeply disappointed when 2021 ended and there had been no violent, extremist attacks over the “growing perceptions of government overreach.”

Not to mention embarrassed.

Except it’s not as if the DOJ didn’t try to make those attacks happen with a veritable parade of endless “government overreach” programs.

In April of 2021, the once mild-mannered U.S. Postal Service dished out a giant “government overreach” program when it announced it would begin monitoring social media posts to identify Americans using “inflammatory words.” Only months later, in October, Attorney General Merrick Garland started flagging parents as “domestic terrorists” if they dared to raise objections at school board meetings to how their children were being treated in school.

In January 2022 the DOJ announced it was forming a domestic terrorism division to counter “extremist anti-government and anti-authority ideologies.” By April, Homeland Security had announced that it was creating a “Disinformation Governance Board” to flag citizens supposedly spreading falsehoods about the Biden Administration.

And who can forget the Department of Agriculture announcing in early May that free school lunches would be denied to poor children unless their public schools adopted and taught the homosexual/transgender agenda?

DOJ Fails to Spark a Violent Revolution

Despite these blatant displays of government overreach, there were no revolutions. No blood on the streets. No brother-versus-brother armed conflicts.

It must have been frustrating for Joe Biden, the DOJ, the FBI, Homeland Security, and even the United States Postal Service and the Agricultural Department.

If “government overreach” was going to be the spark to ignite a revolution in America, they needed something even more shocking. So, what could be more provocative, more incendiary, and more of a government overreach than raiding the home of President Donald Trump?

Yet the raid elicited nothing more than a few foul-mouthed threats against the FBI. Far from a national uprising of violent, extremist domestic terrorists.

So what could be next?

You can almost see the handwriting on the wall: Put President Trump in jail.

Joe Biden and his Democratic Party want more than just to knock Donald Trump out of the 2024 presidential race. They want you out as well! They want to knock millions of voters out of the elections by either imprisoning them or leaving them dead in the streets.

They will continue to poke the wasps’ nest until the wasps are angry enough to swarm out and start stinging.

Is a Revolution Really in America’s Future?

After the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, anything seems possible.

Gary Bauer, who served under President Ronald Reagan, reflected on the many raids the FBI has already conducted on Biden’s political opponents.

“It’s not just that they knock on the door and present you with a warrant. The raids are done in such a way as to create fear and trembling. You’re dragged out of your home into the streets in full view of your neighbors. You’re publicly shamed and stand there for hours while your home is ransacked.

“So, I now believe we must assume that anything is possible.”

Americans agree, with 53 percent saying they now view the FBI as “Joe Biden’s personal Gestapo.”

Imagine Trump supporters watching the president who fought and stood up for them, whom they stood in line for hours to hear at a rally in their state, their city, being led away in handcuffs or leg irons and then put in solitary confinement.

Unthinkable? Tell that to former Trump adviser Peter Navarro. Navarro was arrested in June and put in leg irons … and into solitary.

“When they [the DOJ] arrested me at the airport and wound up putting me in leg irons, I was in solitary confinement for almost three hours while the FBI leaked my arrest to the press within nanoseconds and grabbing me with five armed FBI agents,” Navarro told Sean Hannity.

Would the DOJ keep Donald Trump in solitary as well, hoping to spark a revolution? Will they subject him to physical abuse like many jailed Jan. 6 Capitol Hill detainees claim to have suffered?

Would that be the final “government overreach” that achieves the civil war the DOJ and Joe Biden crave?

Former NYPD Commissioner, Bernie Kerik, has this dire prediction:

“And just like in other Third World countries, if today’s raid by Biden’s FBI does not stop Donald Trump from running for president in 2024, their next move will be Assassination,” he tweeted.

If so, Mr. Lombardi says, “We must be strong. We should not cave to these intimidation tactics. I’m not saying, ‘Turn the other cheek.’ But we need to do whatever is legal and lawful and not put ourselves in a situation where we can be accused of playing their games.

“This is exactly what they are looking for, a civil war.”


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