Drag Queen Blasphemies and Satanism Given to Children

Drag queen "Annie Christ" and his satanic symbols, tattoos and history of lewd, sexually explicit nightclub shows, spread his blasphemous filth at the Lansdale, Pennsylvania, Public Library on Saturday, Feb. 2, thanks to the "Drag Queen Story Hour" movement to destroy the souls of children. (NBC video still)

Charisma News – Drag queen “Annie Christ,” who dons satanic symbols and performs lewd, sexually charged nightclub shows, was at the Lansdale (Pennsylvania) Public Library Saturday, Feb. 2, to present “Drag Queen Story Time” to children.

Tom Meyer, director of the Lansdale Library, approved Annie Christ to present the story hour to children.

Meyer and others on the Lansdale Library board of directors researched the drag queen’s background and still agreed to allow Annie Christ to perform, even though his sexually explicit and offensive video is featured on YouTube.com.

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