Drag Queen Story Hour event CANCELED after violent threats

People rally in support of the LQBTQ+ community outside the Morgantown Public Library on Saturday, Nov. 16, following the cancellation of a Drag Queen event. (JESSE WRIGHT / WEST VIRGINIA PUBLIC BROADCASTING)

WVPublicLibrary. A West Virginia library says violent threats prompted it to cancel an event where drag queens were going to read to children.

The Morgantown Public Library System announced it was canceling its Drag Queen Story Time event in a Facebook post Friday.

The statement cited “multiple threats of violence against the volunteer readers” as the reason for the cancellation. A voicemail left at the library wasn’t immediately returned.

The library’s statement says it “remains committed to fostering a love of reading for all ages” and will instead have its staffers read for the event Saturday morning.

Nearly 100 people attended a rally to support the library and the LGBTQ+ community outside the library on Saturday morning, during the time the reding would have occurred.

Libraries and bookstores across the country have had similar events where men in drag read stories to kids, with some drawing protests.

WVPB news director Jesse Wright contributed to this report.

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    Brotherhood: specifically the MCP&S patrol in NY. I live in upstate NY and completely resent their attempt to disguise the spread of sharia with the lie of protecting mosque facilities.
    I am interested in any info that will inhibit the growth of the MCP organization. I am a fan of several writers including Pam Geller, Jamie Glazov, Robert Spencer, Leo Hohmann, and others.
    Several minutes ago I listened to your video on “The 7 things”: great video. Next time; WEAR a mic.
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