Drag Queens at Library Ask Kids, ‘What Color is Your Underwear’

Library leaders in Dallas, Texas, thought it entertaining that homosexual cross-dressers James Gary Love and Joel S Hoselton, who perform sexually online, read "What Color is Your Underwear" to children as young as three at a sponsored public event. (Mass Resistance photo)

Parents with Mass Resistance reported Friday that a Dallas book reading event by two homosexual men was centered on children’s underwear.

Drag Queen performers “Cassi Nova” (James Gary Love) and “Jenna Skyy” (Joel S Hoselton) set aside their porn and profanity postings online, and they chose to read the book “What Color is Your Underwear” to preschool children at Grauwyler Park Public Library.

A statement by Mass Resistance noted a team of parents inside the library took video of some event happenings, and they assessed the attendance was mainly LGBTQ “families” with children, and poorly attended overal.

“The people who brought kids to this appeared to be ‘gay’ couples and their pro-LGBT friends,” Mass Resistance stated.

Inside footage of the Drag Queen Story Hour event in Dallas included signs of families that raise children according to a distinctly pro-LGBTQ set of values. (Mass Resistance photo)

That didn’t deter a large showing of Christian and other concerned parents who lined the street and areas outside the library, more than 60 protestors, according to Mass Resistance estimates.

“A few of our people were inside documenting it, but a much larger group, organized by our new Dallas chapter of Mass Resistance, held a rousing protest outside,” they reported.

“Just being inside this event was a bit traumatizing for our people, and they were glad when it was finally done.”

The book, according to Mass Resistance, did not appear to be LGBTQ themed in particular, but it was a rather “creepy choice” for two homosexual men reading to children as young as three.

Up to 75 Christian and other concerned pro-family protesters lined the street leading to Grauwyler Park Public Library on July 13. (Mass Resistance photo)

“In the book, various animals show the others their underwear,” Mass Resistance stated. “At the end the elephant says, ‘I’m not wearing any underwear.’ At one point the Drag Queen reader blurted out, ‘Oh, don’t moon me!’”

The footage inside the library included a photo of a young toddler wearing an LGBTQ themed shirt that read, “Future Drag Queen,” and bore the blue-pink-white stripes of the transgender flag.

This is an attack on children and their families by the lgbtq movement

Mass Resistance

Mass Resistance noted it as a clear sign of “so-called ‘gay parenting,’ a disturbing concept for good reason.”

Library leaders assured Mass Resistance insiders that thorough background checks had been done on the homosexual ‘drag’ performers, and Mass Resistance leaders found that claim to be dubious.

Research found pornographic and profane, sexually-themed content online that included depictions of near-sex-acts, strip-tease and other mockingly provocative content.

“Obviously, the library has different standards for passing background checks than the rest of us would,” Mass Resistance stated. “This is an attack on children and their families by the LGBT movement.”


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