Elderly couple crossing the street, blocked and berated by Antifa

The Antifa thugs not only blocked the two elderly people, but they also screamed profanity in their faces.

Antifa, a brutal far-left organization, has finally shown its true colors, when a Canadian video went viral over the weekend that shows several members blocking the way of an elderly couple who were crossing the street, outside a college.

The video which has sparked massive online outrage shows a rolling walker carrying elderly woman trying to cross the street with her husband as a group of Antifa thugs repeatedly scream “Nazi scum off our streets”. At one point, the elderly husband is seen trying to reason with a female Antifa member, when she shouts, “Don’t you f***ing touch me.”

The incident took place on Sunday outside Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, where an event featuring founder of the right-leaning People’s Party of Canada, MP Maxime Bernier and commentator Dave Rubin was taking place.

Several conservative commentators have expressed outrage online as the video has gone viral, particularly lamenting the fact that none of the people in the vicinity did anything to help the elderly couple.

Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA said, “ANTIFA threatening an elderly couple as they walk home. Media is totally silent as they support ANTIFA. This is the left.”


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