Elected official wants people arrested and imprisoned for ‘misgendering’ – Video Podcast

In this Shout Out Patriots podcast: Elected official wants people arrested and imprisoned for ‘misgendring’; elementary school approves after-school Satean Club; Canada approves assisted suicide for homeless man; Senate bill threatens churches.

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Martin: All right, so I want to start off today with another one of those disturbing stories where apparently, if you do not ascribe to everything the LGBT movement wants you to do or say, they want to meet out some pretty harsh punishments. 

And in this case, Jennifer Lima. 

She’s an elected member of the North Kingston Town School Committee in Rhode Island. 

And on November 12, she had a Facebook post that said, “purposely misgendering students is an act of violence. Respond accordingly.” 

I don’t know. It’s an act of violence. Respond accordingly. 

Now, she’s citing the World Health Organization. But, of course, you know she lives in America, but she will cite a UN organization to define the word violence for us. 

She says that who interprets violence as a means to also imprison people. 

So if you violate the WHOs definition of violence, you should go to prison for using the wrong pronoun. 

Michael: So, how is misgendering violence? How is the word violence? 

Martin: Well, she goes back to the definition of the World Health Organization. So I’ll read it to you. 

It’s the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a group or community that either result in or have a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, or psychological harm. There you go. 

Alec: There it is. 

Martin: So if you produce psychological harm on another individual, that’s an act of violence, according to the United Nations World Health Organization, and doing so should result in a prison term. 

That’s why she says to respond accordingly. 

Alec: In other words, sticks and stones no longer apply. 

Names will hurt me, and I’m vulnerable to whatever you say to me. 

David: Well, she’s misiting the World Health Organization’s definition because it isn’t causing psychological harm. 

It is the use of physical force or power threatened or actual against one’s self or another. 

So it requires physical force or power, even in the World Health Organization definition. 

Now, I put this down to the problem of wokism. 

Michael: But if what they say is true and we hold them to account, then they should all be locked up because they’ve been driving me crazy ever since they started talking. 

Pastor Binder: Very true. 

And look at the last two words of her Facebook post. Right. 

Respond accordingly. 

Alec: Right? 

Michael: That sounds like terrorism. 

Pastor Binder: Is that not inciting some violence there as well? 

That’s pretty strong rhetoric right there. 

Alec: In other words, respond with violence. 

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