Elementary school plans ‘After-School Satan Club’

After School Satan Club,

Satan’s not about evil, lies, addiction, sin, distrust and human misery, according to a “Satanist” group that seems to be getting traction in the state of Illinois.

He’s about learning! And problem solving! And empathy!

Take it from the Father of Lies.

The Satanic Temple got a holiday display installed at the state capitol, and is now taking it a step further with an after-school program being offered at Jane Addams Elementary School in Moline, Ill. Children grades 1st through 5th are invited to the club, which was to start meeting on Jan. 13, reports the Belleville News-Democrat.

According to its website The Satanic Temple does not believe in Satan, nor will it attempt to convert children to Satanism.

Says the Father of Lies.

The club instead states its mission as teaching children about benevolence and empathy, critical thinking, creativity and “personal sovereignty,” according to a flyer being extensively circulated on social media.

“This actually isn’t a club that’s meant to proselytize Satanism or even engage in discussions about religious opinion,” Satanic Temple co-founder Lucien Greaves told WQAD. “This is an educational program meant to focus on critical thinking and just basic education skills.”

So why name it for an ancient and almost universal symbol of human delusion and suffering?

A 2001 Supreme Court ruling (Good News Club v. Milford Central School) established that schools would be discriminating against religious speech if they barred a “religious” group from starting a club on their premises.

The superintendent for Moline-Coal Valley Schools, Rachel Savage, said no teachers are involved in the club. Flyers for it are in the lobby of the school, and parents must sign a permission slip for their children to attend, just as they do for Boys and Girls Scouts or any other club. Savage said fear of lawsuits is the reason why.

The club is actually a perfect representation of what Satan has always done: take something good and useful and pervert it in an attempt to gain attention.


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