Elon Musk promises to go ‘Thermonuclear’ on ad agencies – Video Podcast

In this Shout Out Patriots podcast: Elon Musk promises to go ‘thermonuclear;’ Twitter might go bankrupt; colleges are so tired of white people, Jim Jordan calls for an investigation into the FBI; Patriots Taking a Stand segment.

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Patti: Do you think they really want to bring Twitter down? 

I mean, Twitter is pretty important to these people. 

Michael: They want to bring it down. 

Patti: Nothing else for them. 

Michael: They want to bring it down because it’s not in their control anymore. 

Pastor Binder: Exactly. 

Michael: That’s what the problem is. 

It’s not that Twitter is what Twitter is. 

It’s that they don’t control the narrative. 

They’re not in control of the fact checks no more. 

They don’t get to silence the people they want to silence when it’s not in their hands. 

They want it to be destroyed. 

Martin: In other words, if we can’t play with it, you can’t play with it. 

Michael: Right. 

Pastor Binder: And it’s not just Twitter, right? 

It’s the school system. 

If they can’t have the school system, they want to destroy it. 

They want to infiltrate it. 

It goes with anything. 

Same thing with, we see with the government. 

They want to totally demolish society, and information systems and social media is a huge way to go about that. 

So, yeah, I agree with Michael. 

It’s all about control. It’s all about power. 

And they don’t like Elon being at the helm now at Twitter. 

Martin: So Musk has warned advertisers of a thermonuclear war if they cave into the far-left boycott demands. 

That sounded pretty serious, didn’t it?

Michael: That sounds like another boycott just coming. 

He’s going to use nuclear weapons against us. 

Martin: All right, so what could this thermonuclear war actually mean? 

And some are speculating that he will bring, I guess you’d have to bring a federal lawsuit against these advertising agencies for violating the antitrust laws that are part of the Federal Trade Commission. 

So here’s what the Federal Trade Commission says. 

So the thinking is if more than one company gets together and agrees that they’re going to boycott another business, that violates antitrust laws. 

And it does appear that some of these corporations are getting together and unifying in agreement to boycott Twitter. 

So the FTC says, “any company may, on its own, refuse to do business with another firm, but in agreement among competitors not to do business with a targeted individual or business may be an illegal boycott, especially if the group of competitors working together has market power. 

So, it does seem like there are some teeth behind this law. 

How difficult would it be to prove that these groups are working together? 

I don’t know. If you do depositions and you do, I guess, find out what they’ve been saying to each other in emails and real life, you might be able to prove that they are conspiring with one another to shut down Twitter. 

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