Facebook Censorship Can Apply to Even Mentioning Banned Persons

Katrina Janouch decried Facebook censorship against her because she including Tommy Robinson in her comments, adding that there is no consistency in how Facebook implements its community standards policy. (Voice photo)

Voice of Europe – Facebook informed a Swedish journalist that she was suspended because of her tribute and support for [what Facebook called] a hateful leader, [Tommy Robinson] violating their community standards.

Facebook’s policy states, among other things, that so-called “hate organisations” and their leaders or prominent members are not allowed to have accounts on Facebook. And so-called “tribute or support” for such individuals is not allowed either.

Katerina Janouch argues that the article she published is about freedom of speech, and how people with unpleasant views are being silenced in social media. The author of the article, Madeleine Rönnqvist Lilja, writes that many Islam critics are portrayed as right-wing populist Muslim haters and have their accounts shut down.

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