False, Fake FrankenGenders Deserve a Focused and Forceful Rant

The political will to foist many expressions of immoral sexual disorientation and an agenda to intimidate full cultural acceptance of transgender beliefs appears to have the upper hand. Will there ever be an effective communication of dissent? (timeout.com photo)

A full-on rant on all the freakish and false Frankengenders foisted on society by the fake-news friendly labs of left-wing political science is more than overdue.

We’re here. We’re not queer. Get used to it.

These false, fake Frankengenders as they continuously form will likely be a factor to my children, grandchildren and future generations as it is.

It is not as though we would have to pay any attention to these false, fake Frankengenders if they were not unfurled in front of us all, you know, like, every minute.

I pause to note: “Frankengenders” is my own term for these beastly manipulations of reality so like the story of Frankenstein.

They are celebrated on most major prime-time TV programs already.

They are indoctrinated into every public school, these false-fake Frankengenders forced into our throats.

They typically emerge from an enclave of liberal elites wanting humanity to evolve from the simplicity of two biological sexes into a utopian diversity of more than 40 manufactured designer kinds of sexual disorientation.

What they amount to is Frankengenders – false-fake claims that anyone can self-identify as the opposite sex, some other labeled sexual fad or even some ever more cutting-edge designer Frankengender sexual thing they imagine themselves to be, as if it is all moral and good.

It sounds very individualistic, accept for the fact that all of us must cow to the false-fake Frankengenders, conform, congratulate and celebrate them, or else.

And we, my children, grandchildren and future generations, are to be obligated to play along with these delusional charades of sexually disoriented people, and affirm these new emperors with no clothes.

An example of how ridiculous these false, fake Frankengenders are is the slew of new pronouns attached to them – as the political correctness agenda includes assigning such to each new Frankengender as it emerges.

Some estimate that the Frankengender burden upon grammar, after centuries of whittling away at pronouns, when run through every grammatical declension, adds up to more than 300 new ones!

A photo of transvestite “drag queens” at a pride parade in Israel last year demonstrates a global agenda to push sexual perversion that Biblical Christians stand against. (Getty Images photo)

States like California want to make Frankengender pronouns required by law, so picking the wrong one could get you ticketed, you could lose your job, or worse.

Where is the blow back on this Frankengender tyranny? When will we refuse and resist these false-fake Frankengenders? Who will stand and say, no-thank-you?

I am mad as Hell, and I for one will not be obligated to play along with the delusional charades of these sexually disoriented people!

I can see with these new false-fake Frankengenders a kind of religious fervor, a zeal to proclaim the good news that everybody can “self-identify” as the opposite or other sex or sexuality.

That religiosity, or philosophy, ideation or psychobabble – whatever it is – is a bold-faced and damnable lie!

To start with, biological science reveals to us more than 6,500 distinctions between male and female at the DNA level.

Secondly, the medical, fashionable, hormonal, surgical and fabulously colorful cosmetic measures to present these false-fake Frankengenders is just the outward appearance.

I would go as far as to say that if the wonders of medical skill can change a crotch rocket into a crotch pocket for him, or a crotch pocket into a crotch rocket for her, it’s still just another outward appearance.

And it has been noted by the other side: it is not what is between the legs that has the final say. I would add that it is not what is between the ears either.

It’s biology. All of it. More than 6,500 distinctions at the DNA level.

As a matter of biological science, we may have men who self-identify as if female, but who can no more actually be a woman than they can self-identify as if pregnant and then actually conceive, bear and deliver a baby.

They will never actually be a woman, as biology proves they can never actually be a mom.

get your stinking frankengender hands off me you filthy animal!!!

The reverse is also true: a woman shall never, however she self-identifies, actually sire a child and be a real man, who can biologically be a dad.

Procreation is binary. Deal with it.

No so-called transgender person can ever – EVER be biologically that other gender. They’re just a perhaps mutilated version of the gender they were to begin with.

Biological science is true, if you believe it or you do not.

Now, do not pretend that it is hateful for me to say this. It is biological science that may seem painful here: the truth hurts sometimes.

Biology is not hate. It’s biology. This rant may include a note of frustration, but anger is not the same thing as hate either. Try to understand my frustration, though.

We have a political party, one of the two big ones, that officially can not tell the difference between a boy and a girl.

Schools are being forbidden from teaching biological truth.

We are seeing civil unrest over the simple accommodation of commodes.

Meanwhile, in a free country, no one should be obligated to play along with the delusional charades of these Frankengender-fake, sexually disoriented people.

So sure, some may need help with their gender dysphoria issues. Some might even be morally broken.

That should not be any other person’s problem: it especially should not be a problem for my grandchildren and future generations of those who disagree.

Just STOP this false-fake Frankengender agenda, right now, already!

We who are fearless, who are not homo-intimidated, and who shall no longer be willfully caged by political correctness, should reach through its iron bars, grab the arm of tyranny that has seized us and bound us, and say:


Note: I pivoted to another movie theme there. Can you guess which one?

Who knows how utterly shocked they may be that we can actually move our lips and form human speech! I mean, can we stand up and argue this thing? Please?

Suffering tolerance is what the sexually disoriented already have with equal rights. They shall NEVER know the kind of acceptance they seek. Not at least without caging every dissident against their utopian regime, taking us all away.

True acceptance is only provided for that which is acceptable. Lies, and living lies – and forcing others to repeat the lies – is not acceptable.



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