Fans Cling to Kate and Country Over Foolish Yankee Liberals

The banning of Kate Smith recordings of "God Bless America" and censorship removing her statue have angered fans, many joining "God Bless Kate Smith-The Great Kate Smith Group," on Facebook where video links to some of her 3,000 song recordings spanning 50 years in show business are featured. (AP photo)

NY Post – Kate Smith’s rendition of “God Bless America” was scrapped at Yankee Stadium, but Bronx Bomber fans are going to bat for her. Smith’s niece, Suzy Andron said she is honored by the groundswell of support for the late singer among fans and media.

“Most are solidly behind the positive notion that this is a misunderstanding by a few people who took two or three of her songs out of context and inflated a story that my Aunt Kathryn must have been a racist,” Andron said.

“Unfortunately, the Yankees bought into it,” she added. “Most reasonable people realize that it was a misunderstood, knee-jerk over-reaction which they hope will be corrected soon.”

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