Fed. Case v Amazon Notes Islamic Prayer Rules Are Violated

Three Muslim women remain anonymous as a discrimination case advances in federal court against Amazon. The claim includes complaints about Amazon not providing time and space for Muslim prayers during appointed times as required by Islamic Sharia law. (Getty Images photo)

The Daily Mail – Three Muslim workers at an Amazon warehouse in Minnesota [claim] . . . discrimination and retaliation for denying them time and space to pray. A federal complaint claims Amazon created a hostile work environment for the three black women from Somalia at its Shakopee warehouse.

One of the women claims she stopped taking breaks to perform ablutions before prayer, break her Ramadan fast, and even stopped going to the bathroom because she feared her rate of pay would be decreased or she’d be written up and face termination.

They allege African employees were denied promotions and training that went to white workers and were assigned more difficult tasks such as packing heavy items.

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