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Here’s this week’s episode of Shout Out Patriots:

Federal tax dollars to “promote atheism worldwide”

When Congressman Jim Banks of Indiana made the startling revelation on June 30 that our U.S. State Department was using taxpayer money to fund a program to “promote atheism worldwide,” the news was met with little fanfare, criticism, or outrage.

As quickly as the story hit the news, it vaporized in a blink of an eye, perhaps faster than that shocking news story of Joe Biden taking showers with his daughter, Ashley, that led to her sex addiction.

But imagine if the State Department was caught funding a program to send Christian missionaries worldwide to spread the Gospel of Christ.

There would be lawsuits, congressional hearings, and a complete media meltdown.

The State Department said its atheist outreach program was funded through its Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL) in the form of one or two $500,000 grants.

The objective was “to combat discrimination, harassment, and abuses against atheist, humanist, non-practicing and non-affiliated individuals.”

There was NO mention of the grant helping combat the abuses of foreign powers against Jews or Christians, such as those living in Pakistan or China.

“It is one thing for the Department to be tolerant and respectful of a wide range of belief systems, and to encourage governments to respect the religious freedom interests of their citizens.

“It is quite another for the United States government to work actively to empower atheists, humanists, non-practicing, and non-affiliated [individuals],“ Congressman Banks, along with 14 other Members of Congress, wrote to Secretary of State, Antony Blinken.

In this episode of Shout Out Patriots, our team raises questions about the constitutionality of the State Department’s atheist and humanist outreach program and whether that taxpayer money actually went where it was intended.

Perhaps that money never left the United States. Instead, maybe it’s sitting in the coffers of radical atheist and humanist groups inside America, ready to fund crippling lawsuits against Christians and Jews for exercising their First Amendment rights.

Who knows for sure? But one thing we do know, the State Department is in no hurry to cough up answers to Congressman Banks’ hard-hitting questions.

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