Female Prisoner Sues After Being Sexually Assaulted By Trans Inmate

Two Other Females Impregnated By Trans Inmates

An inmate at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women has filed a lawsuit against the New Jersey Department of Corrections, citing an alleged sexual assault by a transgender inmate within the facility.

The female inmate, who has been incarcerated since 2003, claims the incidents occurred in September and October of last year.

The lawsuit, filed on August 29 by Somerville attorney James Wronko, criticizes the prison officials for the alleged failure of prison guards to take corrective actions against what has been described as ‘sexually aggressive and harassing behavior.’

The accused transgender inmate has since been transferred to a male facility.

According to a local news report by My Central Jersey, the Department of Corrections has been accused of not implementing measures to protect the inmates, even after alarming reports of two female inmates becoming pregnant following sexual interactions with transgender individuals within the facility.

Transgender inmates are housed in the same area as female prisoners in sections with no surveillance camera oversight.

Adding to the gravity of the allegations, the plaintiff asserts that after reporting the assault to the staff at Edna Mahan, she was subjected to disciplinary action instead of receiving assistance or protection.

This filing joins a series of lawsuits directed at the facility, which has been under scrutiny for its management and safety protocols.

Governor Phil Murphy had previously ordered the facility’s closure in June 2021 following public revelations of abuse scandals involving the correctional officers.

The transition, however, is mired in delays and financial concerns.

Despite earmarking $90 million in this year’s fiscal budget for the project, the projected costs are estimated to soar to around $300 million, and a new location for the prison remains unannounced.

It’s a move that seems more desperate to cover tracks than a genuine stride towards justice.

The unfolding story paints a grim picture of the conditions within the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women.

The bone of contention here is not merely about the tragic and horrid events that allegedly took place within the oppressive walls of this facility. What needs to be questioned is the logic – or rather the startling lack thereof – of housing male inmates claiming to be female inside a women’s correctional facility.

It’s a decision that undoubtedly exposes vulnerable women to potential harm. This decision seems to defy the basic principles of safety and security that a correctional facility is sworn to uphold.


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