Feminist Journalist Banned from Twitter for Noting Men Can’t Be Women

Meghan Murphy was banned from Twitter for comments about the gender emperor wearing no clothes, that men can not be women, adding, "It’s time for all of us — not just women and feminists, who are now taking the worst of it — to put their collective foot down and demand a return to sanity." (YouTube photo)

Christian Post – The feminist journalist Twitter permanently suspended last week for writing such things as “men aren’t women,” is urging everyone to speak out regarding transgender activism and big tech censorship.

The social media giant, she notes, seems to have a particular problem with women who dissent from the claims of transactivists and they unfairly hijack the dialogue about these issues.

Meghan Murphy, the Vancouver, British Columbia-based founder and editor of the independent website Feminist Current, has never shied away from criticizing and asking questions about transgender ideology . . .

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