Florida Senate Mulls Law to Penalize Facebook, Twitter Suppression

Twitter along with other large tech companies such as Facebook, Google and Amazon, partner with the SPLC to help police their platforms. Also, as noted in a 2018 report, Twitter previously listed SPLC as one of its “safety partners.” (flickr.com photo)

The American Truth – State Senator Joe Gruters, who also serves as the Chairman of President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign efforts in Florida, has submitted a bill that would fine tech companies Twitter and Facebook $75,000 per purposeful deletion or censoring of a user’s speech.

His legislation comes on the heels of an eye-opening segment with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, his top lawyer, and blogger Tim Pool on the Joe Rogan Experience where he admitted to arbitrary censorship of conservatives and a varying set of explanations on how the company enforced it’s terms of services upon users.

Dorsey has also announced that he was “too harsh” in his censorship of right-wing personalities as he let violent calls to action and harassment continue on progressive accounts.

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