Florida sheriff won’t back down, keeps ‘In God We Trust’ on cruisers

The rear of a Brevard County, Fla., Sheriff Department vehicle. (Courtesy Brevard County)

After a Wisconsin-based anti-religion group decided to get involved in the police car design of a Florida County, the sheriff of that county said there’s no way the words “In God We Trust” will be removed from his department’s police cars.

“They have a better chance of me waking up thin tomorrow morning than they do of me taking that motto off our cars,” Brevard County, Fla. Sheriff Wayne Ivey told The Epoch Times.

An Oct. 28 letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) of Madison, Wis., informed Ivey that putting “In God We Trust” on official vehicles is “inappropriate” because “statements about a god have no place on government-owned cars.”

“Citizens should not be made to feel offended, excluded and like political outsiders because the local government they support with their taxes oversteps its power by prominently placing a religious statement on official vehicles,” FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor wrote in the letter.

Ivey said that he has received “overwhelming support” from local citizens since deciding to keep putting the motto on new vehicles as older ones are retired from law enforcement service. That decision preceded the FFRF letter by only a few hours, he said.

Ivey said he thinks the FFRF doesn’t have a leg to stand on, namely because the national motto is also the Florida state motto.

“If you look on every sheriff’s badge, every deputy sheriff’s badge, in the state of Florida, the words ‘In God We Trust’ are emblazoned on our badges,” the sheriff said.

Ivey emphasized that he believes “our country is at a tipping point, and if we, as strong, patriotic Americans, don’t stand for the principles of our great nation, we are going to lose the America we all know and love.”

It’s time to rise up!

‘Arise, O LORD, and let Your enemies be scattered! Let them flee before You!’ ~ Numbers 10:35


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