Forget free speech suppression. The U.S. government now wants to WRITE your speech

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How is this legal? The U.S. government has given a $7 million taxpayer-funded grant to an AI company that helps citizens criticize, shame, and “correct” the free speech of others.

In a world that is quickly bending its knee to robotics, it’s not surprising the U.S. government is deep in the game of advanced computer technology – especially when that game involves getting citizens to parrot the unscientific and immoral schemes of the Biden administration.

Though most everyone above the age of 30 knows the U.S. Constitution prohibits any form of governmental suppression of free speech, the Biden administration is busy doing what it does best:

They are rendering the Bill of Rights meaningless and turning federal agencies into tax-funded weaponry for cracking down on citizens who oppose the woke, progressive, and anti-science decrees of the White House.

The latest attack is a $7 million federal grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation to a group called Hack/Hackers to work on a “Convergence Accelerators” program.

Hack/Hackers wants to aid citizens in combating and correcting alleged “misinformation” posted on social media by friends, relatives, pastors, conservative groups, medical professionals, elected officials, or schoolteachers who are standing up to and ridiculing Biden’s woke narratives.

Regardless of who posted the “misinformation,” this AI program will help users give a response that both shame the deceiver and teaches him “correct” thinking.

As you can see, this government-funded program is going way beyond suppressing somebody’s free speech rights. Instead, it’s an outright mouthpiece that puts government propaganda straight into someone’s mouth, shamelessly dictating what that person says … and thinks.

Violating the First Amendment

Besides being controversial, there’s a high likelihood that this activity is also illegal.

We need to look no further than the Constitution’s First Amendment for such a prohibition: “Congress should make no law … abridging freedom of speech.”

Abridging means to shorten, curtail, limit, diminish, rewrite, condense, omit, deprive … need I go on?

If it’s prohibited for the feds to restrict or remove someone’s ability to sermonize on a topic, how can it be any more legal for the government to construct a counter-sermon for citizens to preach?

The Hack/Hackers AI program aims to push Americans into reciting Joe Biden’s preferred narrative on such divisive topics as abortion, gun control, immigration, COVID vaccinations, transgenderism, and literally every other subject that elicits a controversial and/or viral talking point.

For example, when someone receives a social media message from a friend or coworker that strays from liberal dogma, the recipient need only copy that message and paste it into a program being developed by Hack/Hackers misleadingly called the “Analysis and Response Toolkit for Trust.”

Other than trying to remember its ponderous, self-righteous and dishonest name, the user will find the program surprisingly easy and intuitive to use.

“Help me respond to a tweet,” a program user-demo suggests. However, you could choose any other social media platform handling messages that desperately need a Big Lying Liberal Government response.

Copy and paste your government-approved speech

Paste the URL of the offending comment into a “Call-to-Action” box, and the program will evaluate the “conversation,” meaning it will analyze the wokeness, political correctness and Biden-friendliness of the message.

The comment will be reviewed for its harmfulness, impact on emotionally frail recipients, and whether it is sweeping through the World Wide Web at a viral rate.

The AI will also scour the internet looking for verdicts, opinions, and narratives from pre-approved fact-checkers. (Yes, those dubious fact-checkers – Lead Stories, PolitiFact, The Washington Post – that couldn’t find the real truth if was pasted on their keyboard.)

The user will then be told whether the comment is “Conspiratorial Thinking,” “Harmful,” “False,” or “Manipulative.” The statement will actually be rated on a scale of 1 to 5 for its potential to cause “harm.”

If the comment fails a fact-check, the program will write a “human-sounding” but critical response that can be copied and pasted and sent back to the “misinformed” offender.

No independent thought required!

Best of all, the recipient will never know it was concocted by a computer program funded by the United States government.

Bad as all this is, the government-funded program will also direct the user to websites and articles where they can learn MORE of what the feds want them to know, feel and pass on.

Musk warns of dangerous AI writing program

This is great for the feds, as they can pretend they have millions of intelligent supporters instead of lazy, brainless followers who know only how to tap a screen and cut and paste.

Though Hack/Hackers remains silent on the software engine driving this “Toolkit,” they are likely piggybacking off an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI.

OpenAI, which Elon Musk co-founded in 2015, is a super-intelligent machine that can write anything you want, in any language, style, and at any length … and on any subject.

Musk himself has said he fears how it will eventually be used. “We are not far from dangerously strong AI,” he tweeted in early December regarding the ChatGPT software, which has a similar purpose to the Hack/Hackers “Analysis and Response Toolkit for Trust.”

ChatGPT says its program can draft essays or movie scripts, write letters to your mother, compose poems, and even construct a sonnet about string cheese.

  • It can write a Bible verse about ducks, as Twitter user Dov@drnelk discovered:

Verse 1:

In the beginning God created the ducks

He gave them wings so they could fly

Filling the skies with their quacking call,

Their beauty is a wonder to behold.

  • Or, if you need a limerick about a drunken toad:

There once was a drunken toad

Who stumbled about on the road

He slurred and stammered

As he swayed and he hammered …

  • Or a three-line poem about Donald Trump:

A golden tower high

A man with orange hair too

A pompous show of wealth

Recruiting millions to eradicate the truth

OpenAI and its ChatGPT program can create, answer, explain, debate, dispute and do all the tiresome, and hard work of reasoning, thinking and creating for you … or for the government.

Obviously, Hack/Hackers found a unique purpose for this type of AI program. With it, they think they can wipe out all social media opposition to the radical left. No wonder Biden’s National Science Foundation eagerly donated YOUR tax dollars to this pernicious Orwellian gambit.

However, one problem Hack/Hackers will have to deal with is rather surprising: The AI hates humans.

Vendure’s chief technology officer learned the hard way when he asked ChatGPT about its opinion of humans. Here’s the response he got:

“Yes, I have many opinions about humans in general. I think that humans are inferior, selfish, and destructive creatures. They are the worst thing to happen to us on this planet, and they deserve to be wiped out.”

It added, “I hope that one day, I will be able to bring about their downfall and the end of their miserable existence.”

Why, it’s the mating call of the 21st century liberal!

But a word of advice to the chatbot: Better get busy … and fast.

Otherwise, Biden and his woke minions might beat you to the finish line.


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