Former McDonald’s CEO forms group to fight woke policies of corporations

CEO Ed Rensi

Backlash against corporate woke-ism, in which major consumer brands have turned into leftist political scolds and training centers where employees must be woke to work, is building.

Another big name is joining the list of those opposing companies who become functionaries for Democrats and try to indoctrinate their captive-audience employees into liberalism. Former McDonald’s CEO Ed Rensi, CEO of McDonalds from 1991 to 1997 and credited with inventing McNuggets, is partnering with conservative advocacy groups to form The Boardroom Initiative, FOX Business is reporting.

The goal of the initiative is actually to protect profits and by extension the shareholders who pay corporation staffs’ wages, reports

The project also aims to counter left-wing groups’ buying up of stocks in certain businesses until they have enough clout to lobby board members and push loopy, unrelated policies about gender and race.

Together with the Free Enterprise Project, an already-existing organization, the Boardroom Initiative has a blueprint to counter the liberal power-play. Members have bought 2,000 Bank of America shares, enough to formally make a motion at the next shareholder meeting and demand the firm undergo an audit of attempts to push critical race theory-inspired “equity” on staffers who can only disagree at the risk of losing their jobs.

Companies have been feeling pressure to adopt more liberal policies so they can raise more money from money management groups like BlackRock, which look at their “environmental, social and governance” credentials.

Many companies are now making statements about issues including perceived police brutality and transgender “transitioning” of children that have absolutely nothing to do with their business or their duty to shareholders. Blue-chip firms that have pushed critical race theory-inspired training on staff include American Express and Disney

Rensi says that woke obsessions are affecting bottom lines as customers and shareholders with differing points of view become alienated.

“Corporations have no business being on the right or the left because they represent everybody there and their sole job is to build equity for their investors,” said Rensi, 78.


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