French town described as ‘Afghanistan two hours from Paris’

Eric Zemmour/ Facebook

France seems to have begun waking up to a decade-long invasion by Islam, and French Muslims are not happy about it.

In fact they are venting fury at politicians who have focused on Islam during the country’s presidential campaign, according to coverage at One candidate has even described a town as “Afghanistan two hours from Paris.”

After years of political leadership that was lax on immigration and even allowed the formation of “no-go zones” where police and emergency responders are met with resistance and violence from immigrant-Muslim “residents,” Muslim immigrants are now saying that they live under “permanent suspicion.” They say that anti-Islamic rhetoric is being normalized in France by far-right candidates such as Eric Zemmour and Marine Le Pen of the National Rally.

“I have the impression that today’s France spits on my parents, who fought to liberate it, on my parents who come to build its roads, and on me, who has respected all of the rules of democracy and integration,’ said Khadija, 38, a social worker in the Loiret region in central France.

Muslims are also known in France, in Europe, in the Middle East and in the world as a whole as particularly inclined to theocracy, bloody terrorism in the name of Allah, ruthless persecution of other religions, and abuse of women, children and homosexuals.

Eric Zemmour caused fresh outrage on Feb. 7 when he described the town of Roubaix in northern France as “Afghanistan two hours from Paris.”

Interestingly, Zemmour has been convicted of hate crimes for statements about Islam on two occasions. He told France Inter Radio: “French people who are Muslims must live in the French way and not consider that sharia law is superior to the laws of the republic.”

He made the comments after a French journalist Ophélie Meunier, 34, was granted police protection after she got death threats over her investigation of Islam in France and made a documentary about the rise of radical Islam in Roubaix.


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