Gander CEO Prepares for Arrest over Mammoth Flag Waving

Gander RV CEO Marcus Lemonis said he is ready to be arrested and jailed for the flag of his country if Statesville, NC, authorities find he is in 30-day violation of a city ordinance regarding signs that authorities apply to fabric, flowing flags also. (Fox News photo)

The Daily Mail – Gander RV’s CEO is prepared to be arrested and sent to jail for flying a 3,200 sq-ft American flag that the City of Statesville, NC, complained violates ordinance.

Marcus Lemonis addressed the lawsuit filed May 7 against Holiday Kamper Co. – which is the parent company of the store formerly known as Camping World – on Thursday when he appeared on Bulls & Bears on Fox.

‘We have flown this flag for a long time,’ Lemonis said. ‘As I told the city…it’s not coming down under any circumstance,” despite the risk of being put behind bars if he failed to respond within 30 days to the injunction filed by Statesville City Attorney Leah Messick.

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