Gender-Bender Model Maced, Wins Publicity Points for Ensuing Dialog

Gender-bender model Rain Dove, actress Rose McGowan's current love interest, was MACED in a public women's bathroom by a mother who thought the model was a man. Born Raindove Victoria Dubilewski, female, she capitalizes on androgynous, male-looking and female-looking features. (Getty Images photo)

Daily Mail – Gender-fluid model Rain Dove was recently maced by a stranger in a public bathroom — and then tracked down by that woman on social media, who wanted another chance to attack.

Rain has made headlines for continually challenging gender norms and the concept of gender altogether; the 29-year-old has also been featured in several major magazines and posed for a campaign for fashion brand Sisley.

Rain’s success and advocacy, however, have made the New Yorker a target. Speaking on Instagram, Rain went into detail about a woman who attacked with pepper-spray and then sent a series of vile messages about the incident online.

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