Gospel Laborers Few Where Drag Queen Story Hour Sexualizes Children

The hallmark of the Drag Queen Story Hour movement is to display cross-dressing homosexual men before young children as a supposed proof of diversity that includes drag queens among that which is normal - thus normalizing sexually flamboyant and sexually exaggerated expressions. (Courier and Press photo)

A homosexual man in drag (flamboyantly in women’s clothes) danced, read stories and interacted with children ages three to six at a public library in Evansville, IN, Saturday, despite pleas from ministers, parents and community leaders.

The deep-voiced cross-dresser billed as “Florintine Dawn” is a noted “drag queen,” sent by San-Francisco-based Drag Queen Story Hour, a super-funded national organization pushing a sexually promiscuous agenda for children. See their website content exposed here.

Further, the man behind the flamboyant masking and womanly costuming is subject of allegations that a sexual past included inappropriate behavior, opening the question whether Drag Queen Story Hour performers are screened for a criminal background.

A strong police presence guarded the event, and the National Library Association promoted and enabled it to take place. Critics estimated the public funding cost totaled more than $60,000.

Outside the library, what struck protest leaders hardest, and why they came to protest, was how library and local leaders, police and many parents with their children, were dismissive of a clear sexual agenda that homosexual cross-dressers represent.

Ministers with the group Warriors for Christ paid respect to area police, asking what their priorities were for where different groups should locate, assuring them that their presence would be peaceful and not unruly. (Courier & Press photo)

Stacy Mitchell said he was saddened and alarmed by the bad news, but an upside was that he and several other gospel ministers were there to to boldly proclaim the Word of God.

Also, they continue to learn from each other and other Christian leaders, about what is happening elsewhere and what others are doing to try to have a positive impact.

“I try to get Jesus into everything,” Mitchell said. “We are here, and we’ve come from near and far because of what’s happening to the kids. These kids are just pawns in this.”

Mitchell’s friend and fellow minister Gabriel Olivier said his ministry focus includes a passion from having worked a life-long career involving children.

“We have prepared ourselves to be here, to remain calm and under control whatever the other side does,” Olivier said. “I see how children are being indoctrinated, children are learning sexual things and making sexual decisions at a very young age.”

They came to be on hand – with megaphones – to preach scripture boldly. It takes some biting down on a measure of anger from knowing the sexually themed events and their possible impacts on children.

These people are going to Hell, and it is the church’s job to preach the message of the cross to them

“These people label us as haters, but just look at what they do,” Rich Penkoski said. “This isn’t about free speech. Look, if this was for adults, no kids allowed, no one would complain. No, this is about decency and protecting our children.”

During the event, as a lineup of adults with children in tow waited their turn to get in, Penkoski kept a running video attached to himself. At one point he turned from pleading for parents to care, to take their children, protect them and go home.

“I hope the church sees this and wakes up,” Penkoski said. “I hope more Christians will be aware of what’s going on: stop sitting around in your little buildings and come on out here.”

Some were there from area churches, and word of some sharing families joining the parents in line reached the ministers: some Christians had children with them in line so they could share the gospel with lost neighbors on a personal basis.

They would leave before going inside in order to avoid subjecting their children to contact with cross-dressing homosexuals reading pro-homosexual propaganda to them.

The laborers are too few, Penkoski lamented. There were far to many obviously lost people, and not enough proclaiming the Word of God, to reach the lost.

“What we need is every church in the area here right now,” Penkoski said. “These people are going to Hell, and it is the church’s job to preach the message of the cross to them.”


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