High School ditches ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ honors in favor of gender neutral title

Milford High School crowned their "Homecoming Royalty," a gender neutral term the school has… Milford High School 09 Oct 19

Milford High School in Milford, Ohio decided to do away with the Homecoming King and Queen titles by crowning two female seniors – Abbey Stropes and Trinity Miller – as the gender-neutral ‘homecoming royalty’ amid a cheering crowd.

“Moving forward, Milford High School will not use the term ‘King and Queen’ to refer to the two students who receive the highest votes from their peers. They will be known this year and in the future as ‘Homecoming Royalty,'” the district said on its Facebook page.

The Milford Exempted Village School District explained the change on Facebook by sharing a photo of the girls in their sashes at the football game on Friday, and writing a post that the move reflected the student body’s will. The board also stated that they will ensure ‘all students have the opportunity to feel included.’

The two girls and the rest of the homecoming court were chosen through a vote among the student body. Trinity and Abbey won the most votes and the school decided to ditch the gendered royalty titles going forward.

Josh Kauffman, Milford High School Principal said, “The selection of our Homecoming Royalty is an opportunity for our students to have their voice heard. I fully support the voice and choice demonstrated by our students in selecting this year’s Homecoming Royalty.”

The story has been shared widely and garnered a lot of attention online. 

Gary Bishop wrote, “More PC crapola from Milford school system.” J Frank Montgomery III wrote, “No end to PC in some ‘public’ schools.”

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