Illinois bill would prohibit state employees from traveling to anti- abortion states

Anna Gassot | AFP (Getty Images)

Rep. Daniel Didech, from Buffalo Grove, proposed a legislation that prohibits the state from requiring workers to travel to those states that have effective laws for banning abortions or investigating miscarriage causes.

The bill would also bar reimbursements from government to those employees that traveled to one of these states. 12 states have passed laws restricting access to abortion in 2019. These states surround Illinois to the southwest and east, including Missouri, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Didech said, “What these other states are doing is, to me, very dangerous. To a large extent, yes, abortion is a big part of it, but it’s not entirely about abortion. As a member of the Legislature, I have the responsibility to protect our state employees.”

He further claimed, “This is not like a boycott of those states or anything like that, although in effect, it may look similar. The purpose of the bill is to protect women who may not be able to get the health care they may need when they’re traveling on official state business.”

If enacted, House Bill 3901 would apply to all three branches of the government.


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