Impeachment Hoax

During the 2016 presidential campaign deranged democrats and their lying fake news media skewered Donald Trump when he didn’t immediately bow to their demand to know if he would accept the result of the election.

Then they were shocked out of their gourd when ‘we the people’ chose Trump over their hand-picked, political royalty candidate who was assured to win in their fixed election.

And they still haven’t accepted the results of the election… and they have been scheming from day one to get rid of him.

That’s all their Impeachment Hoax is about.

They HATE Donald Trump because he upset their political apple cart… put all their deals for their own money and power in question… put so many out of power… vowed to stop rampant government corruption… and then SHOCKED them and the world even more when he actually carried through on his campaign promises… and is still doing.

And make no mistake: as much as they HATE Donald Trump – they HATE YOU as much… or even more. 

HOW DARE YOU think for your selves and not readily accept their keen political wisdom and direction… HOW DARE YOU no listen to their pontificating windbag lying media allies who the media arm of the democrat party… and HOW DARE YOU stand up for belief in an Almighty God, of traditional values, of your rights of free speech and to bear arms, of the sanctity of life, of religious freedom, of America First citizens, veterans and law enforcement over illegal immigrants. They think the American people like you are stupid, lowlife, Walmart scum, deplorables, dregs of society. 

Since the election, Donald Trump has scored victory after victory in issues dear to the American people and making America First… in addition to making so far, two Supreme Court Justices, in addition to scores of federal appellate court judges.

And they are panicked beyond panic. All they have tried, their lies, their fake Russian Collusion HOAX, and their media manipulation, has failed to take down this president.

So the next item on their list is the fake Ukraine HOAX. (And should this fail… they have more prepared to dribble out right up until the Nov. 2020 election…)

(Rep. David Nunes on “Hannity”, 9-28-19)


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