Internet users disgusted at tweet promoting drag queen, 12

FILE PHOTO: 'Desmond is Amazing' poses at New York Fashion Week 2018 © Reuters / Caitlin Ochs

Every day seems to bring the liberal obsession with sexualizing children into sharper relief, but a recent post on Mashable about a 12-year-old drag queen appears to have crossed a line, at least among the Mashable audience.

Warning: Some are likely to find the post upsetting.

Underage drag queens are one of the places where leftism swerves closest to pedophilia, and the video celebrating young crossdresser “Desmond is Amazing” seems to have united Twitter in revulsion.

The New York pre-teen has made appearances at gay pride parades and even at strip clubs, where he danced for the attention and money of grown men. He has landed spots on television and fawning coverage in the gay press, who breathlessly proclaim him to be “the future.”

“Desmond Is Amazing is the future and we’re here for it,” declared Mashable on Sunday, tweeting a video featuring Desmond describing visiting drag clubs at five years of age, and telling “haters” to “just go away.”

However, nobody else seemed to be “here for it.” Comments about the sexualized little boy poured in, and they were almost universally critical.

“This child is being exploited while his life is being destroyed,” one commenter wrote. “It is incredibly sad to see.”

“Good to know you love child abuse,” tweeted conservative pundit Sara Gonzalez, while fellow right-wing commentator Mark Dice simply replied “vomit.”

Even former fans of Mashable saw the video as a step too far.

Desmond’s act is just the tip of the iceberg, in an age when transgender advocates support dosing prepubescent children with hormone-blocking drugs and preteen girls lead leather-clad fetish fans through city streets in “pride” parades.

The incident is another illustration of the growing gulf between mass media, which appears to feed off sexualized children in clownish makeup and suggestive clothing, and the audience of those media, who are trying to raise happy self-respecting children.

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