Iowa School Elevates Gay Agenda Above Student Achievement

Iowa City West High School took an initiative that other schools in the state will have to follow, according to school leaders who say it is inevitable with more and more young people "coming out" as homosexual, bisexual or transgender statewide. (Submitted photo)

In the name of inclusion, Iowa City schools ditched homecoming king and queen awards and the tradition of recognizing achievers.

Local reports noted that the driving force behind the shift is student leaders concerned about the feelings of “those in the LGBT community.”

The situation caught the attention of Jennifer Roberts, editor of the parental rights advocates group, Mommy Underground.

In a desperate attempt to completely eradicate gender, they’ve hijacked a once cherished high-school tradition,” Roberts said.

And even worse, teachers are supporting this full-blown takeover of homecoming with radical pro-LGBT policies,” she added.

But the worst part of all is typical high-school students are forced back into the shadows, as LGBT friendly teachers promote bizarre new policies, changing the way homecoming is celebrated.”

According to the Des Moines Register, students of West High School decided to toss the old homecoming court because they learned that “non-binary” students felt unsafe at school compared to other students.

The problem is their definition of ‘fairness’ comes at the cost of discriminating against the rest of the world.

“A lot of LGBT students don’t feel safe in school in the sense they don’t feel like they can be authentic and themselves,” Travis Henderson, a teacher at West High School, was quoted as saying.

The Iowa City school district conducts a survey each year asking students whether they feel safe and valued at school, the Register reported.

Typically, students rated their sense of safety in the high 70s and 80s, but homosexual, bisexual and transgender students felt less safe, averaging at about 61 percent.

In Roberts’ view, the survey was used as leverage in an ongoing agenda to eliminate all gender references students encounter at school, and it is not right, truthful or safe for the vast majority of young people at school.

LGBT activists are obsessed with making sure they are treated ‘fairly,’” Roberts noted. “But the problem is, their definition of ‘fairness’ comes at the cost of discriminating against the rest of the world.

For decades, high-school students have looked forward to celebrating homecoming at their school,” she added. “The highlight of the celebration came with crowning a homecoming king and queen.”

Roberts concluded that teachers should be ashamed of themselves for making typical high-school students feel guilty about identifying with their biological sex.

The school also did away with other homecoming traditions such as “most talented,” “most spirited” and “most athletic” in favor of having students submit nice things written about each other.

The Register did note that not everyone was on board with the changes “at first.” Some students who had been very active in school academics and sports programs were upset because they wanted to be recognized for superior achievements, the Register reported.



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