Islamic Agents of CAIR Target Maryland Law That Targets BDS

The Islamic agents of CAIR target Maryland government now as a move in their side's strategy to support a boycott and protest plan against Israel without retaliation from our side. (iStock photo)

Israel National News – The Council on American-Islamic Relations Wednesday filed a federal lawsuit against Maryland’s ban on contracting with businesses that boycott Israel, arguing it tramples on the First Amendment rights of a software engineer who advocates for Palestinian Arabs.

The lawsuit seeks to block the state from enforcing an executive order that Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan signed in October 2017. The order bars the state from doing business with companies that boycott Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria, and requires contractors to certify in writing that they do not boycott Israel.

The CAIR suit claims the order has an unconstitutional chilling effect on First Amendment-protected political advocacy supporting “Palestine.”

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  1. Seems the petition to sign regarding Islam in the public school systems and the US Department of Education has been removed


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