Islamic Jihadist Posts Video Claim He Is In Canada to Kill Asia Bibi

Islamic terrorism and dominionist sharia threats hound Asia Bibi and her family in Canada as a man claims in a video to be in Canada now on a jihadist mission to kill her for so-called blasphemy. (Quillette photo)

The Jesuit Review – An Islamic militant has posted a video on the internet boasting that he has arrived in Canada to kill Asia Bibi. The death threat comes a week after Bibi, a Catholic mother of five, was permitted to leave Pakistan for Canada to join her family at a secret address.

She had been convicted of blasphemy and spent nearly 10 years on death row until she was cleared by the Pakistan Supreme Court in October, sparking anger among hardline Islamic radicals.

In the video, the would-be assassin sings an Islamic chant honoring Muhammad, . . . and professes that he is a beloved believer of Islam who will slay “the blasphemer Asia Bibi.”

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