Islamic Jihadist Wheelman Convicted in 2015 Terrorist Attack Near Dallas

The scene in Garland, Texas, after a terrorist attack revealed a battlefield, and ISIS soon claimed it as their first attack on American soil. The target was a gathering of cartoonists who drew depictions of Islam founder Muhammad, a false prophet and war criminal who according to Christian scripture in the Bible burns in Hell to this day. (Reuters photo)

570 News – A witness connected to the 2015 attack on an anti-Islamic cartoon contest near Dallas was convicted of making false statements to the FBI and witness tampering.

Abdul Khabir Wahid of Phoenix faced a federal judge Tuesday who concluded the lies Wahid told hindered the ability of FBI agents to investigate the attack on a timely basis.

Wahid friends Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi were followers of the Islamic State and were killed by police after they opened fire outside the anti-Islam event in Garland. Wahid testified at the trial of Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem, now serving a 30-year sentence for giving guns to Simpson and Soofi.

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