Islamic Sharia Rising in the West, Targets America for Dominion

Formerly a trained infiltrator with the Muslim Brotherhood, now a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, Kamal Saleem warns that Sharia policies demand for Islam, through all obedient to Islam, to rise and rule Europe and the West, including America. (CBN photo)

At a recent gathering of Christian leaders and ministers of S.T.A.N.D., former Muslim Brotherhood jihadist Kamal Saleem warned that European style unrest is in store for America.

It is a plan as old as Islam itself, according to the dictates of the laws of Islam known as Sharia, drawn from Islamic literature: the Koran, Hadith and biographical stories.

Saleem said to make no mistake about what Sharia is: the marching orders for all who obey Islam. Those orders include rising-up to eventually rule over foreign lands where Muslims migrate for the cause of Islam.

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That is part of what Sharia is, Saleem said. Sharia is not just law or statutes, but what all obedient to Islam are to do. And they are to take over Europe and the West, including America.

“What is Sharia law? Saleem asked. “Sharia means law, and law means Sharia. It takes religious law, but not just that. A majority of Sharia is a political system. Sharia is what controls the world of Islam.

“Sharia is what informs the Muslim of everything they are to know and do,” he added. “The world of Islam can not live outside of Sharia.”

This causes a rethink of other terms for Islamic culture and society, according to Saleem, including how it exists in a nation foreign to those lands like Saudi Arabia and other nations ruled directly by Islam.

For instance, a mosque may traditionally be seen as a place of worship for the religion we commonly call Islam in America.

The ISNA Mosque on South Sheridan Way, Mississauga Ontario, is the scene of suspected terrorist ties.
(Fernando Morales/The Canadian Press photo)

But according to Saleem, that structure also comprises the work of a cultural center for Islamic action, a coordinating base for infiltration and recruitment and much more of a political nature.

Sharia is by nature mostly a political, legal code, and it is the implementation of political policy and strategy.

“It is also the embassy that represents Islam,” Saleem said.

Saleem noted that there are about a dozen forms of jihad operating in America today, organized under the concept, teaching and Sharia (policy) of Dawah, to bring about the dominion of Islam.

“Muhammad said that war is deception, and Allah named himself the greatest deceiver,” Saleem said. “The reasoning is that deceptive enemies are brought to Islam by this deception, Allah is their God and they won’t have to be cast into Hell.”

So the first job of jihad in its many forms is a matter of deception, to confuse the enemy, the adversaries of Islam, he said.

the message is that islam wants a piece of the nation . . . where Islam rules

According to Saleem, as the infiltration of a foreign nation begins, at about two-percent of the population the Muslims start to become part of the surrounding culture, to even augment and congratulate that culture.

At about 10-percent, they begin to separate from the culture, and make requests that morph into strong demands for the dividing of Sharia from the general laws, rules and policies of the nation.

At about 20-percent, what we see in Europe begins to take place, where riots and coordinated atrocities are to be deployed in order to absolutely demand separation of Islamic areas for Sharia.

It is also the beginning of demands for Sharia implementation in the greater whole of the nation.

“The message is that Islam wants a piece of the nation, so they can have their own land where Islam rules,” Saleem said.

“This is where you see the no-go zones come in, and the demand for Christians and Jews and so forth to take their worship inside.”

Saleem said that this is inevitably what is coming to America, but the hope of people of good will is that there should be a coordinated response prepared by God’s people.

That is a story for next time, however, in part two of this report.

Kamal Saleem has been an ordained minister for 26 years, with an active outreach to Arab and Muslim persons. He grew up in a Sunni Muslim family, was recruited at an early age to infiltrate Israel and American nations for the Muslim Brotherhood.

His complete comments and the S.T.A.N.D. event audio recording can be heard here

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