Job applicant sues university after being told to ‘defend her whiteness’

Bridgewater State University

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the left doesn’t want equality, fairness, colorblindness or one happy human family. All they want is the thrill of being blatant racists themselves, with impunity.

A woman who applied for a professorship in social work at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts last year is suing the school after an interviewer demanded that she defend her “whiteness,” according to The interviewer, said to have been an assistant professor, isn’t even at the school any longer.

Donna Johnston, who works as a therapist in Connecticut, filed a race and employment discrimination suit in Massachusetts Superior Court in early March in which she claims the racist interview took place when she was applying for an assistant professorship position at the state-run school in June of 2021. She was not hired.

Johnston said, however, that she was asked jarring questions about her “whiteness” while being interviewed.

The 54-year-old social worker says she was asked to confront her “white privilege” and “defend her whiteness” by the staffer, and says she was told that “black students may not be able to relate to you because of your white privilege,” according to the suit. According to the school, Johnston’s answers “missed the target,” the filing says.

Johnston is seeking a jury trial and $50,000 in damages, saying her qualifications surpassed those of three female applicants the School of Social Work eventually hired. She argues that her skin color cost her the job, and hopes that her lawsuit will help to expose “reverse racism.”

“How I was treated during the interview was wrong,” Johnston told The Boston Globe on March 9, about her suit.

“I’m probably not the only one who has endured something like this. Maybe they haven’t spoken up. So, if nothing else, maybe I will give people the courage and the strength to come forward.”


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