Journalist is fired for joking about Kamala Harris’s brown suit

Amber athey,

Cancel culture is alive and well: the modern equivalent of calling someone a witch and throwing her in the water, saying that if she does not drown then she is definitely guilty.

The latest is a journalist named Amber Athey, thrown overboard by a cowardly company called Cumulus Media after an acerbic post on Twitter about Kamala Harris’ taste in clothing.

Nor was Athey the only one to poke fun at Harris’ choice of dress for the State of the Union speech. The chocolate brown business suit was mocked on social media with some users comparing her to a Hershey bar, while others commented on how she blended in with her chair. Harris’ missteps and misstatements have become a pattern as she becomes one of the most ridiculed chief U.S. executives in recent history.

“Kamala looks like a UPS employee — what can brown do for you? Nothing good, apparently,” tweeted Athey.

Turns out that’s one of the things a conservative cannot do: say the word brown.

In an editorial for The Spectator, Athey describes what happened next. Editors at The Spectator “laughed at and promptly deleted the angry emails about my Kamala tweet.

“Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for my radio station, WMAL.

“I was officially hired at WMAL, which is owned by Cumulus Media, this past fall as one of three female co-hosts of O’Connor & Company, the morning drive radio program.

“On March 9, I co-hosted the show alongside my friend Larry O’Connor, just like I normally do on Wednesday mornings. It had been nearly a week since the social media meltdown over my Kamala tweet, and none of us at the show had a feeling that anything was amiss.

“Later that afternoon, just before 4 p.m., I received a call out of the blue from Jeff Boden, the vice president of Cumulus Washington, D.C, and Kriston Fancellas, the vice president of Human Resources.

“They told me that the tweet I sent about Kamala was “racist” and that subsequent follow-ups defending myself and making fun of the efforts to cancel me were unacceptable. I had violated the company’s social media policy, they said, and I was terminated effective immediately.

“They did not have the courtesy to offer me an opportunity to defend myself, nor did they speak to anyone at the program before handing down their decision.”


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