Judge Moore Files for Dismissal of Corfman’s Defamation Case

The case of Corfman v Moore in Montgomery county has been pending for more than a year and Corfman has yet to give a statement under oath, says the legal team of Judge Roy Moore, U.S. Senate candidate for the Alabama special election in 2017. Moore has filed for dismissal of her defamation claim. (Facebook photo)

More than a year after Leigh Corfman filed a defamation of character lawsuit against Roy Moore in Alabama, the accuser is still refusing to testify in preliminary proceedings, officially under oath for the first time.

Moore’s legal team announced Friday a motion to dismiss the case as yet another motion to compel her testimony, added to others that Corfman successfully avoided for more than a year now, languishes.

In late 2017, Corfman accused then U.S. Senate Candidate Moore, in the 11th hour before that campaign’s Election Day, of a sexual assault incident she said took place in 1979.

Most reasonable people understand one’s right to defend their reputation from slanderous attack, but Corfman’s case in Montgomery County claims amount to an act of defaming her character as having accused him.

A written statement Friday by the Moore legal team noted that while Corfman flees the scene, he has stood his ground on the merits of the truth, appearing for an entire day for the sake of giving sworn testimony under extensive examination by Corfman’s legal team.

Judge Roy Moore has taken a lie detector test and has testified extensively under oath, examined by Corfman attorneys at length, but Corfman is MIA, AWOL, unresponsive to subpoenas and motions to testify even once under oath. “Where is Leigh Corfman?” (Facebook photo)

The statement notes:

“Corfman’s attorneys from New York, San Francisco, Washington DC and Birmingham, who represent Corfman pro-bono, meaning for free, now refuse to allow their client to be examined under oath until Judge Moore answers specific questions regarding his home, car and property in 1979.”

Meaning they want to fish for details in order to appropriate them into Corfman’s statements so she can be accurate and not make mistakes on reasonably memorable details, such as whether Moore lived in a trailer home or stick-built home that she would have gone to on two occasions if she had.

Under advice of his attorney, Judge Moore refuses to give Corfman’s legal team more facts for them to use to substantiate her false and malicious claims.

Corfman received gentle treatment by the Washington Post. A team of their writers deployed to Alabama for the purpose of hunting any negative information against Moore, and they helped Corfman with her responses in order to cobble a crafty story together.

Where is leigh corfman?

She appeared on numerous broadcast media shows, always after extensive coaching, one one occasion, “for 6-8 hours by her present attorney from New York on how to respond to the media,” the Moore statement notes.

The indication here, according to Moore’s attorney Melissa Isaacs, is she simply was never taken to his home or property at any time. Her accusation is completely false, it is a fake incident: she lied.

“But now in court documents she cannot recall whether Judge Moore lived in a mobile home or a house in 1979, whether he had a carport or a garage, or any specifics concerning his property,” the Moore statement reads.

“Not only does Judge Moore have a right to deny Corfman’s claims, he also has a right to confront her in court,” the statement adds. “Where is Leigh Corfman?”


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