Jury: Lesbian Moms Plotted a Tragic, Abominable Massacre

A photo released by the Mendocino County Sheriffs' Office shows the "Hart Tribe" outfitted in Bernie Sanders campaign shirts, a part of the far-left politics of the lesbian women who avoided authorities probing their home in response to claims of possible abuse. On March 26, according to a jury ruling, the Hart women aimed their SUV off a 100-foot cliff face, committing suicide and murdering their six children. (MCSO photo)

Upon a ruling this week of a specially empaneled coroner’s jury, police in Mendocino County, California, are now certain that a lesbian couple plotted together their own suicides, taking down their six adopted children with them, a year ago.

Absent from reports: the women’s far-left politics championing Bernie Sanders for President.

The tragic loss of eight lives into the rocky roil of the Pacific Ocean shore shocked the nation: the Hart women drove their SUV with the children in it, speeding off a 100-foot-high coastal cliff in northern California, the jury finds.

The women fled Washington State after refusing to respond March 23, 2018, to police and social service officials about allegations of child abuse, including depriving kids of food as punishment.

Three days later, their SUV was heard peeling away from a camping area, and moments after 3 a.m., March 26, the drunken Jennifer Hart aimed for the ocean and sped over the cliff side. Sara Hart, drugged, had studied up on Benadryl in large doses.

The six children were dosed, and all were in that SUV, according to the jury findings.

If that photo was of a conservative family all wearing MAGA hats, it would lead the news for weeks

Martin Mawyer

Numerous reports on the family and their recent activities failed to mention possible motives behind the two women, that the jury ruled to have planned, drugged and orchestrated their bitter end.

Reports noted the “Hart Tribe” as living heartily and adventuring away from home often. They were noted as attending festivals and promoting unity.

Also noted, Devonte Hart received national exposure when photographed in tears, hugging a white police officer at a 2014 Portland, Oregon, protest over the Ferguson, Missouri, police shooting incident. Devonte held a “Free Hugs” sign.

None of the viewed reports noted the lesbians’ far-left politics, but a photo provided by MCSO showed the “parents” had outfitted their tribe of eight in matching Bernie Sanders campaign shirts.

The lack of such reporting by major media creates another example of the double standard that prevails in our society, according to Christian Action Network President Martin Mawyer.

“Their politics probably has very little to do with why this horrifying tragedy took place,” Mawyer said. “But we all know absolutely for certain that if that photo was of a conservative family all wearing MAGA hats, it would lead the news for weeks.”

Another Bernie Sanders supporter is responsible for the June 2017 mass shooting aimed at killing Republican Senators and Congressmen (Twitter photo)

Mawyer said that we should grieve for those who lost friends and loved ones because of the dark decision made by self-absorbed adults, that took the lives of their six children.

“No political candidate is ever responsible for the crazy things their supporters do. But it is disturbing to see of several abominable incidents of such evil in recent years that now two are tied closely to Bernie Sanders supporters,” Mawyer said.

(The other being the mass-shooting attack by James Hodgkinson aiming to kill as many Republican Senators and Congressmen as possible in June 2017.)

“Sanders is the most leftist of the major figures in Presidential politics today,” Mawyer added. “It should not be surprising that his crazy political leanings would also be a magnet for crazy, unhinged supporters.”


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