Kansas teacher who was suspended over not using trans pronouns sues school district

Fort Riley Middle School

The Kansas City Star reports that a Kansas middle school teacher who refused to call a female student by male pronouns and used her real name, against that student’s wishes, is suing the school distract that suspended her.

The current fad of celebrating transgenderism is putting many people into similar positions: forcing them to use untrue and inaccurate language or face punishment from “woke” authorities.

In effect, people are being deprived of their right to use factual and accurate words where they deem them appropriate.

Pamela Ricard, a seventeen-year teacher who currently works at Fort Riley Middle School, says referring to students by anything other than their biological, scientific gender is a violation of her religious beliefs. Ricard was suspended for three days during the spring semester of 2021 when she addressed a particular student by the student’s legal and enrolled last name and refused to do use his preferred name or the he/him pronouns he uses, according to the lawsuit, filed March 7 in the U.S. District Court for the District of Kansas.

The teacher was accused of “misgendering” and warned that repeat “offenses” – of using English accurately – would lead to further disciplinary action.

The superintendent of the Geary County School District is named in the lawsuit, and has not responded to the complaint. An attorney representing the district did not provide a comment to The Associated Press.

The LGBTQ fad is generating backlash in many parts of the U.S.: Texas has begun investigating parents who seek to medically change their children’s gender and Florida has passed a bill that prohibits school staff from talking about homosexuality or gender with children from kindergarten to third grade.


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