Lawsuit Claims State Prison’s ‘God Pod’ Violates Constitution

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, which identifies itself as a Muslim civil rights group, filed a federal lawsuit against Riverside Regional Jail in Virginia, alleging it set up the 'God Pod' in violation of constitutional equal protections. (Riverside Regional Jail photo)

The Daily Mail – A Muslim civil rights group filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday against a prison in Virginia, alleging that the correctional facility set up a Christians-only unit nicknamed the “God Pod.” The Council on American-Islamic Relations claims officials at the Riverside Regional Jail set aside housing quarters exclusively for inmates who follow the Christian faith.

Teaming up with inmates Mitchell Young, Desmond Horton, Dominic Robertson and Chris Mayo, CAIR states in the paperwork that those who promise to live in accordance with the Bible get special treatment, which violates the American Constitution by favoring one religion over others.

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