Memorial to war veterans is vandalized and toppled in Portland

A statue in Portland was toppled and seen on the ground covered in red paint.

As the battle for the White House enters the courts, the ideological battle of the left against its host country continues, with “protesters” vandalizing a veterans’ memorial and businesses on Thanksgiving Day in Portland, Ore.

Never has the clash of values been so stark and clear; the protest was in response to a Facebook page by Antifa demanding attacks on symbols of “colonialism, capitalism, and gentrification.”

Three people were arrested in Portland after a 117-year-old memorial for war veterans was spray painted with obscenities and a statue toppled during protests early Thursday morning, according to a report on

A statue that had been on top of the structure was also knocked down and lay on the ground covered with red paint.

At least 10 businesses in Portland were attacked and vandalized overnight, along with the damage to the memorial.

Portland police said they responded to reports of people breaking windows and spray-painting buildings. Businesses targeted included banks, an auto repair garage, a shipping store and others, police said.

Authorities said they arrested three people in the vandalism. One was carrying a handgun and could face weapons charges. They were booked into the Multnomah County Jail and each face 10 counts of first-degree criminal mischief.

Members of Antifa said in a Facebook post that they’re ‘tired of seeing white people celebrate the genocide of our ancestors’.


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